On the Road: the legendary Crocedomini Pass

Crocedomini Pass (1895 mt), Northern Italian Alps – July 2018.

We took an amazing Road Trip in the Northern Italy riding the legendary Crocedomini Pass. In constant search of the Perfect Road, getting Lost, living in the Wilderness, discovering Beautiful Places.

Looking for the Shangri-La.

During our journey we also filmed our forthcoming video, directed by the master Francesco Torricella.

Riders: Daniel Verzeroli, Daniele Ruggeri, Davide Scarpellini.

Photographers: Roberto Magli, Luca Argenton.

Grazie a tutti
See you on the road

Café Racer Brown Leather Jacket

Terracotta Brown – Varenne Black

Terracotta Brown Suede Jacket

Café Racer Brown -Varenne Black – Terracotta Brown – Terracotta Black

Terracotta Brown – Varenne Black – Café Racer Brown

Café Racer Brown – Varenne Black

Café Racer Brown Leather Jacket

Varenne Black – Café Racer Brown

NORTHERN ITALIAN ALPS – Brescia Lakes and Passes

Hey Riders! We want to continue to present you the beauties of the Northern Italian Alps with this section, where you will find amazing itineraries which lead you through astonishing landscapes and fantastic roads.

This time its the turn of the Province of Brescia with its Pure Mountain Lakes.

The province of Brescia is in between the Iseo Lake, whose western shore is under the Province of Bergamo, and the biggest Italian lake, the Garda Lake. This beautiful land is full of little mountain lakes reachable through arduous Mountain Passes, where every biker can get inspired and look for the Perfect Road.

Amongst the beauties of the Province of Brescia we want to point out:

  • Iseo Lake (cover picture)
  • Passo Crocedomini
  • Passo Maniva
  • Passo Baremone
  • Idro Lake
  • Valvestino Lake
  • Garda Lake

Passo del Crocedomini

Passo Baremone

Valvestino Lake

Passo Maniva

Idro Lake

Garda Lake