The Spirit

The Spirit

The legend was born in the 17th Century, as the first European travelers explored Tibet, and tells of “Shangri-La” as a mythical valley, a mysterious and unreachable place, which evokes pure human desire and deep spirituality.

The name retraces the dream for explorations on motorcycles hunting for beautiful and forgotten spots, in a word, searching for the Shangri-La.

Heritage comes from the need to create iconic and timeless garments, inspired by the past.

Designed for Bikers, Rockers and Gentlemen.

Working hard to deliver high quality products from Northern Italy.

The company founders are always on the road looking for new adventures, discovering places, meeting up people who share their interests and getting to know new fabric types and manufacturing techniques, valuable to keep their products up-to-date.

“By riding our motorbikes through Europe we come across sensational places and interesting heads. We tie up pleasure and business to offer the best quality-goods”, ends in style Daniel Verzeroli.

Shangri-La Heritage