Never Stop Exploring

For the portfolio of our new Website, we selected four talented photographers from 4 different parts of the World, sharing the same View, Philosophy and Style about Explorations and Adventures, hunting for unforgattable places and roads.

Luca Argenton, Milan (Italy)

Jacob Boll, Chicago (United States)

Jordan Kightly, Sidney (Australia)

Leire Unzueta, Bilbao (Spain)

it’s an Union of Friends! follow our Adventures here


Two lovers, spent two weeks riding over 4,000 miles through the United States.

Photographer: Jacob Boll

Spot: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

07052017-73 (2)

During the shots of our products, riding through the Italian Alps.

Photographer: Luca Argenton

Spot: Valle Seriana, Bergamo (Italy)


From the Basque country, a Road trip through Switzerland, Southern Germany, Austria and the Dolomites in Northern Italy.

Photographer: Leire Unzueta

Spot: Eltz Castle, Southern Germany

2017052w1 2 (1)

Jordan and his friends on the road to The Machine Show 2017, Braidwood Australia.

photographer: Jordan Kightly

Spot: Budawang National Park, Australia