“Aviatore” B-3 Waxed Canvas Shearling Hat


Inspired by early 40s type B-3 Flight Hats from the Second World War and revisited with a unique Italian touch, the “Aviatore” B-3 Waxed Canvas Shearling Hat represents an authentic garment made of 100% Cotton Waxed Canvas Desert Tumbled 14,7 Oz by Halley Stevensons, one of the oldest waxed cotton mill in the world (since 1864 in Dundee, Scotland), and Italian Shearling Sheepskin.

The Waxed Canvas Desert Tumbled 14,7 Oz by Halley Stevensons provided an extraordinary layer of protection against any bad weather condition: wind, rain and mug. As the name suggests, Desert is a dry wax finish. The fabric has been through a tumbling process which softens the firm handle and gives the distressed worn appearance with unique vintage aesthetic.

The Shearling Sheepskin is the perfect natural insulator for cold weather. The soft sheep wool encases your head, ensuring maximum warmth retention and at the same time wicking away excess moisture when the head generates it.

The bikers who sport the B-3 hats on cold winter road trips rely on their rugged and tough exteriors as much as they do on their soft and pliable interiors. The B-3 Hat is a perfect reflection of their bravery and determination, providing much needed protection and comfort.

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  • Style: Type B-3 Flight Hat
  • Sheepskin: Real Merino Shearling from Tuscany (Italy)
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton Waxed Canvas Desert Tumbled 14,7 Oz in Army color by Halley Stevensons
  • Leather neck cord: vegetable tanned, drum dyed, top grain Lambskin from Tuscany (Italy)
  • Winged Door Metal Pin
  • Hand Made in Italy


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