“Outlaw” Women’s Selvedge Denim 8 Panel Riders Cap


Inspired by the late 1910s Newsboy Caps and revisited with a unique Italian touch, the “Outlaw” 8 Panel Riders Cap is made of Selvedge Denim 13 Oz by Candiani Denim (Milan, Italy), a unique example of “Made in Italy” excellence.

Perceiving Sustainability as a moral responsibility has led Candiani to become The “Greenest textile company in the Blue World”.

The Selvedge Denim 13 Oz by Candiani is a classic 3×1 Selvedge Right Hand Twill, open weave construction with a marked salt and pepper effect. This fabric has the special “V Sizing”, a vegetal sizing compound used in the dyeing process, 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. This compound replaces all hazardous chemicals like PVA to ensure a micro-plastics Free Dye process.

The yarn “72 warp” is one of the Candiani’s historical developments, designed over 25 years ago by Gianluigi Candiani. This yarn has a unique authentic character and recalls the original denim of the old days.

The “Outlaw” 8 Panel Riders Cap is a combination of the Newsboys Cap worn by men and boys of the Italian Working Class during the 1910s-20s and the Riders Cap from the movie “The Wild One” (1953). Its versatility allows you to wear it both ways.

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  • Style: 8 Panel Newsboy Cap / Riders Cap
  • Fabric: Indigo Selvedge Denim 13,5 Oz by Candiani Denim (Italy)
  • Fabric details: 100% Cotton, Right Hand Twill, Sanforized, One Wash
  • Green Features: BCI Cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) + PVA Free Sizing
  • Selvedge: Red Selvedge Line
  • Lining: Vintage Pink color 100% silk
  • Winged Door Metal Pin
  • Hand Made in Italy

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