Night-Time is the Right Time

They taught you to follow the rules when you only needed to be free.

They taught you to act like others when you just wanted to express yourself.

They taught you to be productive during the day when your soul was connected to your heart only during the night.

The night-time is the only moment to get rid of everything. And so it happens.

The day is over. Everything is quiet, and your scrambler is waiting for you. It’s time to put it all behind you. It’s time to be you.

Don’t be scared. A light will be with you.

Everything is uncertain at the beginning. You’re losing your balance. The price of risk is high. But you are ready to pay for it. You only need a few attempts.

Now you can be on your own. You know yourself. You know you can do better. So, you do it. You overcome your limits by challenging time and space.

And that light that guided you in the darkness now gives way to thousands of lights.

Thanks, Bergamo, for still being our light in these dark moments. Nothing will ever turn you off.

A film by Francesco Torricella.

Special thanks to our rider Daniele Ruggeri and DMD Helmets.

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