Following the Clouds – 2000 km on the road from the Alps to the Pyrenees

We are proud to announce the release of Following the Clouds: a photo-book about a motorcycle trip from the Alps to the Pyrenees promoted by Shangri-La Heritage.

The book has been produced by our close collaborator and adventurer Francesco Torricella

The adventure started the summer of 2019 when three riders decided to escape from their ordinary lives and look for the Hispanic Shangri-La: the Pyrenees.

Daniel Verzeroli, Daniele Ruggeri, and Francesco Torricella left the heart of Northern Italy to come across the soul of Spain.

In 10 days, the guys had been traveling for more than 2000 kilometers, riding in on a:

  • Triumph Bonneville T100
  • BMW GS 1990
  • Kawasaki W800

With a tent and some clothes tied to their motorbikes, they were ready to greet the Alps, discover the Pyrenees, challenge the Navarra desert, and finally see the Atlantic Ocean.

The guys came across:

  • Italian Alps – IT
  • Lac du Mont Cenis – FR
  • French Alps and Vercors – FR
  • Ardeche and Cervennes – FR
  • Pyrenees – ES
  • Bardenas Reales – ES
  • Pamplona – ES

Legendary roads, unexplored landscapes, and stretches of clouds were a step from heaven.

The book collects this adventure in 144 pages, where every chapter represents a milestone.

It will be available on our website and to our selected retailers.

Date available soon.

Keep riding

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