• A tribute to the Native Indian Chief named "Toro Seduto" (1831-1890). During the explorations for gold hunt in the Black Hills of North America in 1874, he came into increased conflict with authorities. In 1890, he was shot and killed while being arrested by U.S. and Indian agents, fearful that he would help lead the growing Ghost Dance movement aimed at restoring the Sioux way of life. "Toro Seduto" is remembered for his great courage and his stubborn determination to resist white domination. Hand designed and crafted in Italy, this patch has been created to guide the explorers during their trips hunting for unforgettable places and moments, in a nutshell, looking for the Shangri-La.
  • shangri-la-heritage-sparviero-thunderbird-patch-detail shangri-la-heritage-sparviero-thunderbird-patch-detail

    The Thunderbird symbol is one of the most dominant icons in Native American Indian culture and art.

    As a symbol of creation and protection, the Thunderbird marks the separation between the heavens and the earth, with the ability to either create or destroy.

    Born in the mountains of Northwest and Symbol of Thunder, Lightning and Storms, the Thunderbird will protect every Rider on the Storm.

    Designed by the American artist Alex Roka and hand crafted in Italy.