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    The stories in this issue are about pursuit; a never-ending search influenced and shaped by our experience of life. The Pursuit Issue explores what it means to be constantly chasing and searching. Through both written and visual stories, it uncovers the pursuit of light, happiness, places, dreams and relationships. It visits the Pacific Northwest, Arizona and California, providing the perfect backdrop through which to pause, reflect and further explore our pursuits. Interviewing photographer Emilie Ristevski and Christian Watson of 1924us, and discuss what pursuit means to them, and how this has influenced their work. The stories search for meaning in our pursuits, and as we journey through life, we realise that perhaps this is our greatest pursuit of all.
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    The stories in this issue are about islands; perfect in their isolation. The Island Issue explores the raw beauty to be found in the rugged landscape of the Faroe Islands; how a change in the weather can result in an altered perspective of a familiar place. The second part of the magazine uncovers the theme of isolation through a variety of other islands; Svalbard, Lofoten and Newfoundland providing the perfect setting with which to do so. The lava covered volcanoes of Hawaii coupled with the jagged rocks of the Isle of Skye and St Hilda transport us into a Jurassic Era long forgotten. The stories explore what it truly means to inhabit an island where being surrounded by water is a daily reminder of complete isolation.
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    In this Volume the stories rediscover the lost magic of the Journey. In celebration of the time spent moving from one destination to another, and showcase journeys experienced by boat, car, train, plane and foot. The true excitement to be found in taking a journey has been forgotten, and this second volume is used to reawaken a longing for adventure. The Journey Issue sails through Greenland, drives across New Zealand and flies over Denali. Traveling by foot for 96 miles along the West Highland Way, paddling into the Yukon and taking the Caledonian Sleeper to Scotland. By prioritising the journey over the destination, the stories highlight the simple pleasure to be found in movement.